Storm King's Thunder

The Battle of Goldenfields Part I

24th of Kythorn Year 1486 by the Dale Reckoning

Antiope, princess of Thera, daughter of Andromache, is tasked by her mother, Queen of the Amazons, to investigate the cause of the rapacious titan raids upon the settlements of the Sword Coast. She refuses a final duel from her sister Hippolyta and departs from Thera on a boat bound for the sword coast. Upon landing, she meets, Silas, Elven Ranger

Silas has recently take part in an alliance of elves and men against the tyranny of dragons. He is road weary and travel worn, but heeds a missive carried upon the wings of an eagle to return to Goldenfields, bastion of the Emerald Enclave. Silas sends a bluejay messenger to find his allies Charleston Sageroot and Winston the Beige, old allies in the war against the blight of Netheril. They heed his call and the fellowship is joined. That evening, Silas slays a dire wolf and turns it into wolf jerky. As the party makes camp on the first night of their journey, they sense they are being watched; however, despite their best efforts they are unable to track down who is watching them.

25th of Kythorn Year 1486 by the Dale Reckoning

As Winston is bathing in the river, the party is attacked by a group of vengeful guards and sellswords. During the battle against Netheril, Silas executed some town militia who were infected with the undead plague; the brother of one of these guards has a long memory and has hired a group of mercenaries to take revenge on the pointy eared bastard. Unfortunately for the mercenaries, half of them along with their leader are trapped by a vine spell and burned to death. The rest of the mercenaries agree to surrender and depart. That evening, Silas scouts the wilds and comes upon some herbs for making healing salve and poisons.

26th of Kythorn Year 1486 by the Dale Reckoning

The party reaches the town of Goldenfields, a walled monastery compound of fertile lands that is responsible for feeding much of the north. They encounter Shalvus Martholio, Zhentarim spy, Liberals the tree-ent, Zi Liang the monk, Miros Xelbrin the innkeeper, Naxene Drathkala the wizard, and Oren Yogilvy the halfing bard. As evening falls on the 26th day of Kythorn, the party decides that instead of going to sleep, they are going to spy on Shelves Martholio and rabble rouse throughout the town. As they are about to make trouble, an army of goblins, bugbears, and hill giants launches a furious assault no the defenses of the Emerald Enclave.

players: Natalie (Antiope), Corey (Charleston Sageroot), Damien (Winston), Bob (Silas)
Days Expired: 3
body count: 5 humans mercenaries and 1 militia captain set on fire. 2 ogres, 4 bugbears, and 10 goblins put to the sword.
Game hunted: dire wolf, dire wolf jerky made
Baths taken: 1



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